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The Middle Eastern Feast

Some people say: “Travelling is food for the soul”. I would rather say: “Food is travelling for the soul”.

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Fotobuch und Wandbild

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Last days of summer

Spending the last warm days of Summer in the forrest always feels magical. The first trees start to turn yellow and orange, there are mushrooms growing everywhere, you’ll see the last berries ripen on the bushes, you’ll find nuts and wild herbs growning everywhere. I think it’s the best time of the year for a chef, because there is an abundance of amazing ingredients. The products of late summer are on their peak of ripeness, the first fall products start to appear on the market. It’s the season of game and venison. And it is the start of truffle season.

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Svalbard Panoramas

A few panoramas I shot in Svalbard and edited recently.

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Svalbard Short Trip


Back in August 2014 I had the opportunity to spend a few days on a ship in Svalbard, Norway. Although it was just a three day trip, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I previously never considered the islands of Svalbard as a destination for my travels, yet now I seek to explore the islands further in the foreseeable future.

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