Back in August 2014 I had the opportunity to spend a few days on a ship in Svalbard, Norway. Although it was just a three day trip, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I previously never considered the islands of Svalbard as a destination for my travels, yet now I seek to explore the islands further in the foreseeable future.

My journey began on a Sunday evening in Stuttgart, in the south of Germany. A train took me to Frankfurt a.M. and then to Berlin, where I boarded a plane to Oslo. A short lay off with a coffee break later, I set foot on a second flight which took me to Longyearbyen, almost 3300 kilometers north of where I initially started.

As I left the airport in Longyearbyen, the first thing I noticed was the sun. It was just minutes before midnight and the sun was still over the horizon. Due to Svalbard’s location in close proximity to the polar circle, the sun never sets in summer.

A short bus ride later, I arrived at the harbour and went on the ship that was my home for the following two nights: the Expedition ship M/S Malm√∂. The¬†journey further started north a few minutes later and I ended the day with a few cans of beer on the ship’s deck.

The following couple days I received many opportunities to shoot photos of the landscape and wildlife of Svalbard. This trip was the first time I traveled so far north and I hope to come back in the near future.